I am a big fan of sunsets. Here some very nice ones I have made in different  countries.

Sculpture by the see – Cottesloe/ Australia

Artists shows their sculpture on the beach of Cottesloe/Perth Australia every year in March. I have seen the exhibition 2007 during my stay in Perth. It was a great feeling walking through the hot sand and admire the sculptures.

Food – Asian

Many asians prefer dry products like fish, mushrooms or other ingredients for their meals. I have also tried out something, but I prefer rather “fresh” things 🙂

This should become no cooking side, only photos to show you what everything we can eat.




Sammy and Polly – our two puppies

Sammy and Polly were separated in a dramatic manner from her mother. They were just 14 days old when her mother was shot (dead) by an animal hater. Michael and I had agreed to feet up them as long as they can to be adopted out – this were happen after a short time 🙂 We hope that both a well. Now they must be exactly 7 years old.



All photos were taken by Anke Stuever – many thanks !

HarGow and MeiLing


We have adopted our cats from the Both have become, in the meantime, right world strollers, but still very shy.




Small animals quit largely

Here some photos with butterfly and other small animals. If you like the photos bigger click with the  cursor on it.



The first time we experienced Halloween was in Hong Kong in 2005. Tons of decoration had been installed to please the crowds.


Who like it creepier and more authentic have to go to Whitby/UK.

From Church Street in Whitby there are 199 steps up to St. Mary’s Church which are said to have been also walked by Graf Dracula. The legend says that he lay down in a tomb besides a suicidal woman for three nights.